QBO: The Home Plate for Small Businesses

Drive your online accounting information through QBO

QuickBooks Online is My Kind of Game

In honor of baseball season, I thought I’d tell a story of why QBO is the home plate of the small business ballgame. All runners come back to home plate,  the umpire knows when something needs cleaning up, you score big tagging home plate, you can slide into home plate and each base you advance to leads to home plate. What does that have to do with QuickBooks Online accounting?

All Apps Lead to Home Plate

Every transactions must touch QuickBooks (home plate) in some form or another, whether a QBO user enters it directly into QBO or uses a third party app. Why would a user need to go outside of QBO for functionality? There are a few reasons:

  • The company needs a more sophisticated approach to functions in QBO, such as inventory, time tracking or modules such as Accounts Receivable or Payable
  • There needs to be an extra layer of separation between the user and the accounting system
  • The ability to streamline the data flow from one website to another may need a third party bridge

Dusting off the QBO Plate

QBO is always evolving into a better product based on the user’s needs. Recent changes to QBO include projects. Projects are found in QuickBooks Online Plus and you can organize related transactions and time spent on the job in one location. You can also track profitability per project to keep an eye on your bottom line! Another new and improved feature is creating partial payments to purchase orders. Whether it be a bill, a check or an expense, your Open Purchase Order Report will track your outstanding balance. Sounds like a home run to me!

Major League Benefits

Why QBO? The benefits for me working with a small business is so much easier than trying to catch an owner at their desk when you need to login. From my vantage point, utilizing a hosting service at a higher premium to stay on QuickBooks desktop does not create a streamlined approach. For the client, having their business accounting on QBO is simply a win-win for everyone. The owner can score big by using QBO on their laptop, an IPad or an IPhone. I love that my one interior designer who was on desktop since 2003 switched to QBO because she gave up her office and is ready to travel with her husband.

The Catcher’s Mitt of Information

Data truly slides into QBO with the greatest of ease. Online apps were made to synchronize with information with little to no effort. Authorizing apps to work with QBO is done through Apps.com. Just log into your account, find an app for your industry or the feature that you are looking for, check out the ratings and reviews and choose the app for your needs. Give your authorization for linking the 3rd party app to QBO and you are in the World Series of accounting systems.

Do you need to attempt this all at once? (You don’t go from first base to home, right? Its 1st, 2nd, 3rd and then home) With Technology In A Box, we point you in the right direction as to how you can go mobile with this online version of QuickBooks. We’ve been the head coach for many a small business and we can assist you and your team with taking your business into the cloud. Let us know when you’re ready to PLAY BALL!!

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