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Woodard Events presents the 2017 Scaling New Heights in Orlando, FL

The Woodard Group presented me with a fantastic opportunity to attend and present at their Scaling New Heights 2017 conference at the Disney Coronado. I rooted out great information, met several dozen more accountants, interviewed by Woodard TV and had a great time.
But my biggest takeaway is consistency in my communications with followers is a must. Maybe I have been visible and conversational on Facebook and Twitter, but not in my e-newsletter and blogs. My apologies. My pledge is to produce more information content on Small Business, Great Reads/Books, QuickBooks News, News of my Clients and more.

The Wow Affect

First of all, Intuit QuickBooks Online team delivered amazing announcements for product updates. If you are a QBO users, you may have already experienced a change in Navigation. Dashboard, and not Homepage, is your snapshot of information. Then, click the Sales shortcut on the left and you will find activity, your Customer list and Products and Services.In general, you can find the most important shortcuts on the left. Banking shortcut will have your Bank Feeds and a Reconcile tab.
But aside from the technical aspects of the conference, there were a plethora of speakers that brought inspiration and perspective to the crowd. There were businesses leaders bringing their wit and wisdom and I couldn’t write their nuggets fast enough. I moderated the session Become and Remain Distinctive. This hits home as I have been in the QuickBooks space since 1993. It’s a wonderful space and I try to drive information and automation to my clients to keep them on a successful path. My favorite word at the conference to describe me is “Technologist”.

Sassy Social Media Stars

Another favorite takeaway was that I had a class full of eager people who wanted to dive head first into the Social Media pool. It was the best part of my experience. Meeting the participants, having them share their goals and aspirations and then creating a new Facebook group just for them is becoming the highlight of my summer! The group is called the Sassy Social Media Stars. Are you on your journey with Social Media? Come join us.
Finally, do you have a suggestion for a topic or need to automate your accounting processes?  Please email me or find me on any of my social media sites and I will listen and respond. Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

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