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Remain Distinctive

Remain Distinctive

Woodard Events presents the 2017 Scaling New Heights in Orlando, FL The Woodard Group presented me with a fantastic opportunity to attend and present at their Scaling New Heights 2017 conference at the Disney Coronado. I rooted out great information, met several dozen more accountants, interviewed by Woodard TV and had a great time. But my biggestContinue Reading

5 Sticky Note Substitutes to Organize Data

So, I see that you decorate your office with a bit of sticky note art? (I was going to draw eyes, a nose and a mouth on my image and label it “Old Christine” but refrained). I’ve also seen in the past a certain relative who used the “write it on your hand” method. InContinue Reading

Are You Ready for Changes?

“Don’t wanna be a richer man, just gonna have to be a different man. Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” – “Changes” David Bowie, 1972 RIP, David Bowie! You were ahead of our time. There was an amazing interview with Bowie asking what he thought about the internet. His answer, “What the internetContinue Reading

15 Tips to Simplify Your Life

1.  Be clear on your goals, roles and mission in life. Act accordingly. 2.  Be selective about who and what you commit to. Don’t say ‘yes’ unless it will help you become your best. 3.  Don’t go shopping for anything except groceries for 30 days. 4.  Reduce the amount of stuff in your space. IfContinue Reading

Using QuickBooks to Boost Your Bottom Line

Written by Christine Galli, M.Ed. Despite the good news we are hearing about the status of our nation’s economy, U.S. small business owners still feel the grip of a country recovering from a recession. Consumers are more cautious before rushing out to buy the products and services they so freely purchased just a few yearsContinue Reading

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