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Tips from Katey Maddux on How To Grow Your Practice!

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Have You Been Here?

“So would you like the premium package of shakes or the full nutrition pack?” She asked me via Facebook Messenger.  We’ve all been there.  Approached or a part of the infamous Network Marketing.  Networking or Network Marketing, these can create a negative connotation, thanks to the rumors of pyramid schemes and impersonal messages via text, Facebook and Instagram.  But why does it have to be a bad thing? My past experiences in network marketing have taught me a lot about making connections and building my network.  Using your network to market yourself is one of the healthiest and most satisfying ways to grow your business. 

Let Me Tell You A Story 

I had a corporate buying job, and loved nothing more than doing math, solving problems and working in the creative environment.  But like all dreams, there was good and bad and eventually I walked away. Actually, I moved away…all the way to South Korea.  Two years later, coming back from Asia, jumping back into corporate life wasn’t part of the plan.  My mom approached me with the idea of getting QuickBooks certified and working for her. I completed QuickBooks certification, had years of working at her accounting practice already under my belt, and decided it was time to jump in with both feet and start my own business. 

Taking The Leap

At first it seemed daunting.  How would I get clients and build my practice?  Who do I know in accounting? I reached out to my network; my friends, family and old co-workers.  However, none of them needed a bookkeeper.  I asked them to reach out to their networks.  My mom, who had done accounting for thirty years, had spent decades building her network through clientele, groups and events like The Woodard Group and Scaling New Heights.  It was through them that she had met Christine, and she connected us.  She also had clients who had friends.  One of those friends needed a bookkeeper, and I gained yet another client.  I started attending networking events in my area like “Network After Work”, a group that does events across the country to connect business professionals, and continued attending collegiate and sorority alumni brunches.  
I was again reminded of how large my network was, how easy it is to reach out and meet people, and how fun it is.  Websites like Facebook Events and have made it exponentially easier for us to find events in our areas and to connect with others in our fields.  So reach out to your Networks! And to their Networks!  Building your business this way has never been so easy.

Thoughts On Network Marketing

So, here are a few thought joggers to help you reach out to your network and build connections:
·      What are your hobbies? How can your connect them with your business?
o   For example, I am a Zumba instructor. I go to events like the Zumba Cruise or Zumba charity events to network with other Zumba instructors. Do owners of gyms and Zumba studios need bookkeepers? You bet they do.
·      What industries are you passionate about? Do you like retail or real estate? Are there any Real Estate meet-ups or happy hours happening in your area? Go! Make new friends and connections! Friends à Clients
o   I’m in a FB group for women who love to travel.  When they host meet ups in cities around the country, if I’m local, I go and make connections.
·      Are you involved in the community? Are you part of a church, alumni chapter, non-profit? Attend their events. Volunteer. Offer pro bono work. Building rapport with people in your community and direct network can really boost your reputation. When they or their friends need a bookkeeper, they’ll think of you.
·      Google ‘networking events’. There are TONS of companies that put on events to help business professions.  Find one in your area and go make new friends.
·      Connect with other women! Successful women love to empower other women. Go where the successful women go.  Professional women’s conferences, events, happy hours. #Girlpower
·      Have you ever considered hosting your own event? Invite all your friends and family to your home or host a happy hour.   Tell them you want to connect them and help them network.  And HONESTLY want to help them network with each other.  What you help do for others, others will make happen for you.


Millennial Accounting’s cloud-based approach creates a custom package for your business. We provide bookkeeping services thru Quickbooks.  We organize your projects and finances.  We improve your profitability through technology, apps and increased efficiency and create relevance through creative marketing and social media.
Katey Maddux
Owner, Millennial Accounting

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