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My favorite season. College football, cider and donuts, crisp air on morning walks, the colors, drive in the country and back to school sounds of the high school marching band. The downside?  Training for the Detroit Half Marathon (13.1 and DONE .. YAY} and, yes, that is my backyard full of leaves. Beautiful and painful at the same time. Fall is also the time of year when businesses create their budgets for next year, set goals and plan for year-end. If unprepared, it makes it harder to guide the ship. Why? You have no map.


Remember that fall is also a preparation time for winter. If you are not actively getting your business in shape, you might as well kiss your New Year’s resolutions goodbye. Avoid complacency and keep the honeymoon alive with your business. Fight to REIGNITE with these tips:

1. Network!
Attend networking events in your field or with other small business owners! Owning a business is all about building connections. Be open as others encourage us, inspire us, and give us new ideas! Go make some new connections today!

2. Continue learning!
Take a class, attend a conference or read a book to get new ideas and learn from industry experts. You’ll feel refreshed and re-inspired when you have new ideas and learn new things.

3. Explore!
Explore new ways to grow your practice! Check out blogs and social media to get inspiration. Read articles and google ways to expand your business.  Then share ideas and experiences with others in our network and learn from them as well, all online!

4. Get techy!
There are always new technologies out there to automate and improve your business! Have you researched apps recently? Like the app store in QuickBooks? (www.appsintuit.com) Or have you watched any YouTube videos about your field? There’s always more to learn!

Holidays, Here We Come

Now is the perfect time to make it happen. Before the pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies blur your vision, define your strategy for 2018. Nail down your day-to-day processes with flawless precision. Rally the troops, be entrepreneurial and watch for more blogs on budgets and year-end. Stay tuned!

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  1. Mary Basse says:

    13.1 and DONE, Amen! Great post, loving the Fall, on to planning for the next season.

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