Right From the Start (Pt. 4)

Your Professional Team

(Part 4 in the series Right From the Start)

Today’s blog is not going to apply to everyone, but it applies to me and my company. I learned a long time ago what my strengths are and because I was a teacher for 17 years, my focus was always about identifying the strengths of a person and capitalizing on those to serve the greater good. My strengths were identified as the following: a learner, a win-you-over and an activator. I was not crowned an intellect or an analyst, but I love to brainstorm and create. I also love teaching those people who want to learn and will go to the ends of the earth for those clients that want and need help. So, there are gaps in my abilities that need to be filled and I call upon others to fill those so I can go about my life knowing others are watching my back while I do what I do best.

I can easily convince others to be introspective of their team (or lack thereof) with a “What are you great at, why did you go into business and what do you need to keep you in your shine mode?” As Jim Collins in “Good to Great” emphasizes The right people in the right seats” in your business, I plead with my clients not to spend too much time out of their comfort zone when others who have the talent and the time can easily address the problem. That type of “I have to figure it out myself or I am a failure” takes away from “the shine mode” , or what you set out to do in your business. Does that mean I don’t want them to try their hand at something that interests them, like fussing with a QuickBooks Layout Designer? Absolutely not, some people have an inner vision and want things to be just so and I’m right there cheering them on. There are choices that everyone must make in order to cover all of the bases in business and I’m one for having the right team to handle what is over my head.

My team members are beyond just the usual CPA, lawyer, banker, coach, social media guru and network groups. I look to others to inspire me, set a course with me and, although they aren’t my legal business partner, I need to have someone who is not a yes person cheering me on. I’m good with professionals who know their job and can make me understand how I can raise the bar and meet the challenge.  In 2014, I especially enjoyed meeting new people through my Nan Institute and have delighted in my TSheets certification project, not just because it was an outside source of inspiration, education and satisfaction, but because those venues are shining examples of a great company with the right people in the right seats.

My favorite way of framing the idea of a professional team, and I truly believe in this philosophy, is this: When you get married (substitute that for any momentous time in your life) did you feel compelled to sew the wedding dress, perform the ceremony, bake the cake, arrange the flowers, etc? Or did you understand that this special day was to focus on the lifelong vow that you were about to commit to? I have lost a few of my key players along the way, adding others, and I can tell you from experience that I am pulled away from my shine mode way too often when I lack the proper team. So my call to action is this: Let me help you with optimizing your accounting and business software experience and I will have you explain to me (in the comments below) what you need in your business and let’s help each reach our epic height.

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  1. Mary says:

    Awesome post, Chrissie, and your comments do apply to everyone!

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